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The experienced and professional Bikefit St. Catharines (Niagara) staff will ensure that your bike is the perfect fit for you, with our quality bicycle fitting services.

What makes us different?

Bikefit believes that Fit is about addressing your specific needs and finding the solution that best fits you. This leads to faster, more comfortable, more enjoyable riding experience. We want you to find the equipment that fits. With bike choices, finding a bike that you will love is easy.

We have the experience to make the difference.

30 years experience and certified fitters make Bikefit your fitting choice.

At Bikefit we have performed close to a thousand fittings over the past 21 years. John, Chris & Matthew certified Trek Precision fitters will achieve your most efficient biomechanical position by offering a custom fit to ensure your specific needs are met.

This gives you a tailor-made solution that will lead to countless hours of faster, more comfortable, and more enjoyable riding.

  1. Interview
  2. Physical assessment
  3. Shoe setup
  4. Starting position
  5. Lower body setup
  6. Upper body setup
  7. Review and followup

Fittings are done by appointment only. Most fitting sessions can last 2-3 hours.

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